Baby Shower Bundle




Are you looking for a great shower gift that will make any new mom happy? Check out the baby shower bundle. The DigiDuck will ensure the perfect bath temperature every time, and then when they come out of the bath, protect their skin with Basically Bear Everywhere Balm and the ultimate Bum Bum Balm (safe for cloth diapers too!). Once they are all clean and relaxed, make an ImpPrint of their foot to create a memory of this special time forever. For mom, get the Belly Therapy cream or lotion so that their belly will be hydrated while it goes back to its original shape. If mom has issues with incontinence post-partum (it happens to many of us!) why not use a pelvic floor exerciser to help put those muscles back in shape! Everything to make the new mom and baby happy.

  • Digi Duck
  • Imp Bow Mat
  • Basically Bare Balm
  • Bum Bum Balm
  • Ultra-Nourishing Cream
  • TensCare Elise