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How To Use the MamaTENS to Labour Longer at Home

How To Use the Perfect MamaTENS to Labour Longer at Home

When it comes to pregnancy, there’s something we often think about but don’t talk about nearly enough: Labour pain. As you move through your pregnancy, and get closer to the due date, thinking about labour pain management is going to become increasingly important.  

There are a variety of options for pain relief during labour including medicinal options like epidural, morphine and laughing gas. If you’re looking for natural, drug-free options, a Labour TENS Machine is a very effective way to relieve labour pain naturally.  

How Does a Labour TENS Machine Work? 

Our favourite TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine for labour pain is the Perfect MamaTENS from TensCare because it’s very compact and was specifically designed to help you labour longer in the comfort of your own home. It’s safe for both mother and baby and has been proven to reduce anxiety and pain related to labour contractions.  

The Perfect MamaTENS uses electrode pads, placed on either side of your spine on the mid-back and lower back. When you turn on the device, it sends electrical nerve stimulations that release endorphins and interrupt pain signals to the brain.  

Aside from providing pain relief, the MamaTENS machine can also allow you to remain upright and mobile for longer during labour, which can aid in dilatation and the decent of your baby. The MamaTENS comes with a travel kit so you can easily stash it in your labour bag, ready for when it’s time to go to the hospital!  

MamaTens Labour Tens Machine

How to Use the Perfect MamaTENS  

Another thing that makes the MamaTENS great, is how simple it is to use, which is important when you’re dealing with intense contractions!  

Our friends at Mother’s Choice Products have made a helpful video that explains how to use the device. Watch the video for a step-by-step guide to using the Perfect MamaTENS device: 

Getting Ready for Labour 

Planning for labour and choosing how to manage labour pain is very personal. The most important thing is to choose what works for you, but also allow yourself to be flexible because sometimes labour doesn’t go as planned. You can do this, mama! 

Read a personal experience of using the MamaTENS from one of our Mama Bear Club mamas. 

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Why You Should Get The Eboo Squeezable Nightlight For Your Baby

Why You Should Get The Eboo Squeezable Nightlight For Your Baby 

The debate over the pros and cons of nursery nightlights is still ongoing, and the truth is… there is no wrong answer! We think a soft nightlight glow can be a miracle to both babies and parents. Add in a super cute and squeezable option and whoa, you’ve got something special! 

Here’s why we love the Eboo Squeezable Nightlight!

Parents, we know you want to check on your baby, and when there is soft illumination, it just makes things easier.  

When your baby wakes up in the night, it’s a lot less stressful for them if they can see their environment and have a comforting squeezable toy. The act of squeezing a toy they know and love can be very soothing and calming for young babies and can even help them back to sleep more quickly on their own! 

Soft illumination can also help during those groggy midnight diaper changes without waking you up so much that it makes it harder for you to return to sleep.  

Children’s nightlights are for parents too! 

A nightlight’s main function and purpose is to assist young kids with a fear of the dark, also known as nyctophobia. Whether they wake up from a nightmare or unrelated causes, a warm illumination emitted from the device, can help reduce stress without the need to turn on a bright room light. Having this reassurance tends to soothe babies back to sleep as they come to feel the sense of familiarity with their environment. A squeezable night strengthens the comforting sensory experience by giving the child extra touch stimulation and feedback.  
Parents, that means more likelihood that you won’t have to get up to soothe your baby as often – and more sleep for everyone is a good thing!  

Our favourite nightlight is the EBoo Nightlight from TENSCare because it is tactile, comforting and has the perfect amount of light for those nighttime visits or wakeups. 

The Eboo is soft and squishy and emits a delicate soft light that won’t interrupt sleep but will help you see enough to avoid obstacles. Unlike the bright lights of usual lamps, the dim light of the Eboo children’s nightlight doesn’t alert your brain to become active, therefore it won’t jar you or your baby awake. The eBoo is a portable, battery-powered squeezable nightlight, that both baby and parents will love. 

Purchase the Eboo here

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How TENSCare Can Help Improve The Appearance Of Aging

Perfect Beauty TensCare

Perfect Beauty: How TENSCare EMS Treatments Can Help with the Appearance of Aging

As we age, our faces can begin to show signs of sagging, wrinkles and decreased fullness. This loss of tone and definition is caused by a reduction in muscle mass and strength, and it’s perfectly normal and natural! However, if you’re feeling concerned about the appearance of aging, electrotherapy treatments can help reduce obvious signs of aging.  

Muscle Training & Toning with a TENS Machine 

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a muscle training therapy that can help to maintain facial and body tone and appearance. The therapy involves the application of an electric current over the desired muscles, so that a muscle contraction is produced. With continuous contractions, the muscles undergo training and improve in strength and tone. In addition, stimulating muscle activity creates a demand for improved local blood flow, which helps clear waste products and provides nutrients and energy to the muscles and surrounding tissues. 

How Can TensCare Devices Help Improve Signs of Aging? 

TensCare has developed several devices to help with body and facial beauty. Our original is The Perfect Beauty – an EMS device designed to be easy-to-use at home. It comes with several specific programs that target different body areas, including the face, abs, buttocks, hips, thighs, bust, arms, and calves.  

Training of the facial muscles helps to re-gain firmness and lift, common aims of many beauty treatments. As a result, the face looks fuller, and signs of aging can be reduced. Each desired part of the body can also be targeted. Similar to exercise, EMS muscle training provides improved tone and tightness. 

How To Use The TENSCare Perfect Beauty? 

Placement of the electrode pads to deliver the electric current is important to ensure muscle contractions are produced. The optimal placement of the electrode pads is over the bulk of the muscle. If that’s not obvious, simply experiment with the electrode pad position until a full contraction can be seen or felt.  

Regular, continuous muscle training with your Perfect Beauty TENS machine is essential to see and maintain results. For use on the face, the recommended training schedule is one treatment daily, five days a week. For use on the various body areas, the recommended training schedule is three treatment sessions per week. Generally, results can start to be seen from 6 weeks of use. 

Lastly, keeping well hydrated, maintaining good nutrition, and allowing enough time for the muscles to recover are important when performing any muscle training. 

For more information on the Perfect Beauty from TENSCare, watch this video overview: