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Better Nursing Pads, Better Results

Better Nursing Pads, Better Results

Breastfeeding can be complicated; especially if you’re a new mother. There are a few things you may not know, like the fact that your breasts can leak. And yes, this is as messy as it sounds. This can happen anytime, usually from the third trimester on, but there are ways to manage it and Ameda has some great reusable nursing pads to help you out. 

Having wet patches isn’t good for your clothes but it’s even worse for your skin. Constant moisture against your skin can cause irritation or infection which isn’t helpful when you are constantly breastfeeding or pumping. Nursing pads are used inside your bra to catch the leaks and should be changed a few times a day. 

Why Breasts Leak 

Breasts leak because of the let-down reflex which is a normal part of breastfeeding. It’s what makes the breastmilk flow. When your baby sucks at your breast small nerves are stimulated and cause two hormones to be released into your bloodstream. These hormones are prolactin and oxytocin; the prolactin helps make the milk and the oxytocin causes the breast to push out the milk. Some women can feel it when let-down happens and some don’t feel anything at all. 

Until your breasts become familiar with the practice of releasing milk at exactly the right time, let-down and leaks can occur at any time. Let-down has both emotional and physical triggers. Hearing a baby cry (even if it’s not yours), seeing a baby picture, while your sleeping or when you’re talking about your baby; it can happen at any time. So it’s good to keep that in mind as you plan your day.  

Ameda Reusable Nursing Pads

Good for the environment, even better for mom. The super-absorbent Ameda Contoured Washable Nursing Pads help prevent wet stains on clothing and feature a unique, contoured shape for a discreet appearance.  

These machine washable, reusable nursing pads have three separate layers that work together to comfortably wick moisture away from the skin and maximize leakage protection. The water-resistant outer layer keeps clothing dry while the microfiber middle layer wicks moisture away. And the third layer is a soft and cozy inner terrycloth for extra comfort next to the nipple. 

The Ameda Contoured Washable Nursing Pads are shaped for a discreet and comfortable fit. And the 8 and 20 packs come with a mesh laundry bag so you don’t have to play hide and seek in a giant pile of laundry to find them. 

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