Stefanie of The Monarch Mommy On the PumpEase Hands-Free Pumping Bra

The PumpEase pumping bra is a special device that holds the flanges (the funnel-shaped plastic piece that fits over your nipple to form a seal around the areola), of the breast pump up against your breasts so you don’t need to use your hands while pumping. Made of a polyester/ spandex/ microfiber blend this breathable, moisture-wicking band secures at the front, with a hook and eye closure that has three settings, much like a normal bra. It has two “no stitch” openings on the front allowing for the fit of flanges of all sizes. It is both comfortable and machine washable!

Stefanie of The Monarch Mommy On the PumpEase Hands-Free Pumping Bra 

The problem with pumping is that until you experience it, you don’t know what you need to make it work for you. Luckily Stephanie of the Monarch Mommy knows pumping and knows what to look for. 

One thing that experienced mothers’ value is the ability to be hands-free while pumping. One great way to do that is the PumpEase hands-free pumping bra. 

Stefanie remembers how she used to do things: “At first I’d hold each flange in one hand and hold them up to my breasts for the duration of my pumping session. Then I decided I really needed at least one hand free (because how else would I skip the commercials while watching The Good Wife?). To have one hand free, I had to place the flanges with both hands and then carefully wiggle my arm across so my hand was on one flange and my arm was pressed against the other. It was, well, as awkward as it sounds. For the better part of six months, that was how I pumped. SIX MONTHS people! But that is no longer how I’m pumping. Ever since Mothers Choice Products sent me a PumpEase hands-free pumping bra to review, I have been free. HANDS-FREE while I’m pumping.”  

What is a Pumping Bra? 

The PumpEase pumping bra is a special device that holds the flanges (the funnel-shaped plastic piece that fits over your nipple to form a seal around the areola), of the breast pump up against your breasts so you don’t need to use your hands while pumping. Made of a polyester/ spandex/ microfiber blend this breathable, moisture-wicking band secures at the front, with a hook and eye closure that has three settings, much like a normal bra. It has two “no stitch” openings on the front allowing for the fit of flanges of all sizes. It is both comfortable and machine washable!  

How it Works: 

It’s one thing to promise true hands-free pumping and another to deliver, and PumpEase works. Stefanie loved it! “The PumpEase pumping bra has changed my pumping life. Seriously. I thought it was easy enough to just hold pump flanges in place, but you know what? It’s so, so much better not to have to do that at all.” 

You can wear the PumpEase by itself or over a nursing bra or nursing tank top. If you’re using it at work you can just drop the cups and place it over top. No need to take your whole bra off! Once you’ve secured it in the front, insert the pump flanges into the bra and over the nipple. The openings stretch and can accommodate a variety of flange sizes. The bra itself comes in sizes small through extra-large and fits a range of bra sizes from 32AA to 48H. Once you have a comfortable fit start pumping! 

Once you’re done, you have a few options on how to remove the PumpEase. One way is to remove the tubing from the flanges, allowing you to angle the flange attached to the bottle and slip them out. Another option is to remove the bottles from the flanges first, allowing you to secure the milk before unhooking the fastening and removing the whole thing. 

Other Benefits 

There is more to hands-free pumping than just multi-tasking. As Stefanie learned: 

“Hands-free pumping with the PumpEase makes adjusting a pump flange really easy to do. Once that pump is going if you find that it’s not centered just right on one side, you can actually use both hands to make minor adjustments until everything is just the way you like it. Filled up a bottle with milk, but that breast isn’t emptied yet? No problem! With both hands free, you can remove a full bottle and replace it with an empty one without having to stop the pump! Not to mention having both hands free to make adjustments to the speed and suction of the pump itself. If that’s not enough to convince you, now you can actually massage your breasts while you’re pumping. Why would you want to do that? Because massaging the breast while pumping can yield up to 50% more milk in the same amount of time. How great is that?” 

PumpEase was not only created by a Canadian but it is made in Canada too! You should try it for yourself. Stefanie’s final thoughts? “The PumpEase is a really well thought out design that is durable yet soft and comfortable to wear. I could never go back to pumping without it!” 

Thanks to the Monarch Mommy for her review! 

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