IMP Prints


A unique keepsake for capturing those tiny hand and footprints forever – makes an amazing baby shower gift for anyone.


IMP Prints are a unique, delightful way to keep a hand or footprint forever, keeping the memory of when they were small. of a little one when he or she is still a little one. This unique and personal gift idea makes an amazing shower gift for anyone and will keep their memories of a special time close to them.

Great for a treasured memory for someone special, these mat kits include a coordinating paint swab and all materials to complete a finished product for framing.

The paint used in the swabs is acid-free and non-toxic. Once an “Imp Print” has been made, the hand or foot used can be easily washed with soap and water.  Paint swabs are individually packaged and sealed in a foil-lined pouch.

Pink, blue, purple and green swabs.

Paint is acid-free and non-toxic.

Paint is easy to use and easy to wash up.

Paint is translucent so that an “Imp Print” can be made over text, leaving the text visible.

All Bow Mat kits include a mat, a piece of paper on which to apply the child’s “Imp Print,” and one blue, pink, green, or purple swab.

    • Mats measure 5” x 7” and are suitable for framing.
    • Paint is acid-free and non-toxic.