Prenatal Ease – Omega-3 DHA


Omega 3 DHA fatty acids are essential to all bodies and can only be obtained through diet. 


The richest sources of Omega 3 are from oily fish, but often most women do not eat the recommended amount. Prenatal Ease Omega 3 DHA provides you with all the recommended Omega 3 fatty acids but without the risk of contaminants. The fish oil is first made from fish that is naturally low in contaminates and then it is further purified through molecular distillation. The supplements are then tested in house and by a thirdparty laboratory to ensure maximum purity and quality. 

Within the Omega 3 fatty acids, the two most beneficial fatty acids are DHA and EPA. DHA is essential to fetal growth and development and are particularly important to visual and cognitive development. EPA supports the development of the cardiovascular, immune and inflammatory system. Studies also show that EPA is essential in helping the transportation of DHA through the placenta to the baby and it is helps DHA get through the fetal cell membrane. Many studies have shown the benefits of taking both EPA and DHA together. 

Each serving of Prenatal Ease Omega 3 DHA has both DHA and EPA to ensure you get the maximum benefit of the Omega 3 fatty acids, which are especially important during pregnancy. 

  • Helps support brain, eye and immune system development
  • 400 mg DHA daily dose along with 600 mg of EPA
  • Sourced from fish species naturally low in contaminants like mercury
  • Purified to remove dioxins, PCBs, and heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium
  • Rigorously checked in house and by a 3rd party lab to ensure maximum purity and quality
  • Easy to swallow soft gel capsules
  • Available in 90 capsule bottles (1.5 month supply)