The Joeyband – Reviewed by Moms

The Gugu Guru Guide, a popular mommy blog had members of the Gugu Guru Village test the Joeyband and these are their thoughts. And if you are looking to get your own Joeyband check out

The Joeyband – Reviewed by Moms 

The Joeyband is an excellent tool to help mommy and baby get the all-important skin time, right from the beginning. Skin-to-skin contact has been shown to improve infant development, improve breastfeeding, help with temperature regulation, and encourages bonding. Skin-to-skin isn’t just for the mother but can help to bond with the other parent too! 

The Gugu Guru Guide, a popular mommy blog had members of the Gugu Guru Village test the Joeyband and these are their thoughts. And if you are looking to get your own Joeyband check out

The Joeyband Bond 

This Joeyband is great to bring along to the hospital for immediate skin-to-skin postpartum. It is easy to put on and really helps you feel more secure in holding your baby – especially when you’re fatigued after a long labor and/or still feeling the effects of anesthesia. We tried the Joeyband with our newborn and were impressed with how quickly it calmed him down! We even caught a few smiles in a row while our son was dozing. It was a good reminder to keep up the skin-to-skin time. The fabric feels a little bit like swimsuit material and is really stretchy, so both my husband and I could use the same size. My husband loved the Joeyband even more than I did – I think it helps him feel that special bond that a lot of mothers feel through the nursing relationship. I anticipate my husband will be using this product a lot before parental leave is over. I was happy to learn that there are even more uses for Joeyband as our little guy grows up. We have a plane trip next month and I’m going to use it to help keep our son more secure and calm as a lap child. Thanks to Gugu Guru for giving me the opportunity to test the Joeyband. 

–Alyssa J. 

Skin-to-skin Immediately 

The importance of skin to skin for newborns after they are born has long been established. But the benefits extend beyond just the hospital stay – it’s actually recommended for the first 3-4 months, or until the baby becomes to squirmy. And babies aren’t the only ones who benefit from skin to skin. 

Skin to skin is often delayed after a c-section, due to the risk of infant falls. The Joeyband allows for immediate skin to skin for mom and baby because it reduces that risk. It keeps the baby safe and secure against mom’s chest so that this important bonding can start immediately. This way both mom and baby can reap the benefits of skin to skin during the repair and transport process. 

The Joeyband can also be used for kangaroo care in the NICU, where skin to skin is critical for preemie babies. Sometimes it’s all a mom can do if the baby is too small or unable to breastfeed. It can also be used by dads! Since NICU babies are often hooked up to tubes and wires, the Joeyband helps prevent these from being disturbed. It’s appropriate for twins and micro-preemies, too. And in the event of an emergency, the babies can quickly be assessed because there are no hooks or buttons, just a few rows of Velcro. 

I was fortunate to have a full-term baby with no complications but still found the Joeyband to be useful both in the hospital and even now that we are at home. It allowed me to maximize my skin to skin time in the hospital and aided in breastfeeding because it supported my baby without the need for a bulky pillow. This took some of the strain off my back and neck. When I wasn’t using it to hold my daughter, I used it as a belly band to support my newly postpartum belly. 

The Joeyband is soft and comfortable to wear. I was able to put it on and take it off unassisted because it secures easily with Velcro. Once it’s in place, you hardly notice that it’s there. I definitely recommend the Joeyband for all new parents. 

The Joeyband has been such an essential part of my daily routine. I love using this when I need to have a free hand to work on something while sitting. It is so comfortable and easy to put on and remove.  The gentle squeeze it gives to baby while I’m wearing her gives her security while being skin to skin. Our bond has grown stronger while having the opportunity to stay so close more often through the day! 

–Valerie T.  

The Joeyband and Acid Reflux 

I enjoyed testing the Joeyband product, and as a mom who had a c-section, I can see the great benefit it provides. My son has reflux so in addition to taking Zantac he also prefers to sleep upright on someone’s chest. The Joeyband helped me to be somewhat hands-free on the couch and allowed us to enjoy the baby snuggles. Overall a good product for what it was designed for! 

–Katherine H. 


Use Your Hands 

I have been using the Joeyband for about two weeks. It was very easy to use and made skin-to-skin time with my little one much more enjoyable. It gave me the freedom to use my hands, especially during my meal times, which a lot of new moms know can be a challenge 🙂. The band is thick and stretchy and my little one enjoyed the swaddle-like feeling the band gave him as he would quickly fall asleep. I liked that I didn’t have to worry about him rolling or sliding off of me. The Joeyband is a great product and I would recommend it to any new mom! 

–Taylor S. 

These reviews were sourced from the Gugu guide’s Village Reviews at 

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